Man Argues He Needs Assault Rifles To Chase Wild Boar From His Property

by Valerie Williams
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Jevtic/Getty and William McNabb/Twitter

The “30-50 feral hogs” meme is proof the internet can sometimes be pretty amazing

In the wake of two horrific mass shootings in one weekend, the last week or so has been full of debate about stronger gun laws by some and vigorous defense of the second amendment by others, including protecting those who want to own assault rifles. The reasons gun fans come up with to justify owning a weapon that can kill dozens of people in only a minute or two are all pretty weak — but perhaps none more so than this dude’s insistence that assault rifles need to be legally available to combat his family’s feral hog problem.

We are 12,000% not kidding.

So this happened. Singer Jason Isbell mused about the insanity of people arguing over exactly what an “assault weapon” is — and the fact that nobody needs one. That’s when rural dude William McNabb weighed in with his apparently very real need to defend his children from the throngs of feral hogs that plague the family whenever the kids are playing. Again, not kidding.

“Legit question for rural Americans – How do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?” he asks.

And BOY did the internet answer this extremely bizarre question — in the form of countless incredible jokes and memes.

This nod to GNR might be my absolute fave and now this song is in all of our heads, you are welcome.

And they’re like — it’s better than… frogs? I don’t know, just trying stuff out.

Because we haven’t had enough collabs with this viral ditty yet.

There was, to put it lightly, wordplay galore.

And a whole lot of reimagined hog-y song lyrics.

Of course, there were memes made out of other long-standing memes.

Happily, some comedy genius involved my precious Ina and I for one am grateful.

A little more GNR and absolutely no one is complaining.

Same, girl.

Ok, now I’m just upset I didn’t think of this one myself.

While no one would ever want to make light of the horror of mass shootings and our nation’s desperate need for stronger gun laws, this last week has undoubtedly been a very heavy and anxiety-inducing news cycle. It’s caused many of us to panic that we’ll be next every time we go out in public and it’s bringing out the rage at politicians who simply refuse to take the most obvious steps to try to stop this tragic epidemic. Sometimes we need five minutes to laugh and the viral hog meme delivered that bit of levity and then some.

Pretty much this.

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