Your 37 Week Old Baby's Development And Milestones

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37 week old baby
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You officially have a 37 week old baby!

Your Baby Has Figured Out How to Mess With You

Time is flying by, we know. Pretty soon your little one is going to start kindergarten and then college and… Oh shit, let’s not go there.

Your baby has probably figured out how to mess with you, otherwise known as the development of cause and effect. You might find yourself picking up your precious child’s sippy cup 1,000 times in a row as he giggles maniacally from his throne…er, high chair. He’s figured out that he’s the king and you, his parent, are a mere peasant who must do his bidding. Awesome. Good thing he’s so dang cute.

Your 37 Week Old Baby’s Development & Growth Milestones

Also, your baby should be sleeping about 13-14 hours per day and, if he doesn’t hate you, he’ll still be taking two naps. This widely varies — some children just decide that sleeping is for suckers and grandmas. If your child is a sleeper, don’t be surprised if you find yourself whispering to him, “You’re my favorite.”

Babies at 37 weeks LOVE to put littler things into bigger things with their mad pincer grip skills. They also get really frustrated when bigger things don’t go into littler things. They’re just trying to figure out how this whole world works and, like the little despots that they are, they want everything to go their way. Luckily they are easily distracted, especially by things that are yours: keys, phone, remote control, will to live, whatever.

Enjoy this age! Your baby will turn into a crazy toddler sooner than you can say potty training sucks, so go ahead and bend down a few more hundred times to get that sippy cup so you can hear that amazing laugh.

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