Your 38 Week Old Baby's Development And Milestones

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38 week old baby
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You officially have a 38 week old baby!

Oh, Crap. Literally.

This week your baby is all about anticipating what’s going to happen next, so she understands that when she sits in her high chair, it’s time for some bananas. At least she’s hoping for bananas; if she gets broccoli instead, she’ll probably shake her head and make that hilarious disgusted baby look (we don’t blame her, only about three people in the history of humanity have liked cooked broccoli). Make sure you document the first time she tries something sour—those pictures are like currency in the teenage years.

Your 38 Week Old Baby’s Development & Growth Milestones

Poop. Blech. Once your baby really starts eating food, the poop starts getting grosser. Each time you open that diaper, it’s like opening a present from someone who hates you. One weird fact: If your baby’s poop looks like sand, it could be from the oats she’s eating, because oats sometimes don’t digest completely. Or she could be eating sand, but that’s not really recommended. At all. Really, don’t feed your babies sand.

Your 38 Week Old Baby’s Physical, Social, And Cognitive Milestones

Your baby is also probably working on socializing by acting like a total goofball. If she has an older brother or sister, she’ll imitate everything the little shit does. Blowing kisses, waving bye bye, and possibly even picking her nose.

At this point your baby’s vision is almost adult-like. She can now recognize objects and people from across the room. The color of her eyes is probably about what it’s going to be as well, so you can tell your MIL that she can stop obsessing about it already!

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