40 Things That Are Really Hard After Losing A Baby

by Rachel Whalen
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty

No matter how you’ve lost them, losing a baby sucks. It really does.

Here’s what else has the potential to suck after losing a baby.

1. Baby shower invites.

2. Social media.

3. Playgrounds.

4. Small talk.

5. Commercials for pregnancy tests.

6. Crying in the grocery store.

7. Crying at work.

8. Crying in your car.

9. All the crying.

10. When friends text you.

11. When friends don’t text you.

12. Anxiety.

13. Hearing babies cry.

14. Hearing babies laugh.

15. Leaving the house.

16. Holidays.

17. Putting on “real” clothes.

18. When people say the wrong thing.

19. When people say nothing.

20. When people say the right thing but it upsets you anyway.

21. The baby department.

22. Doctor’s offices.

23. Pregnant women.

24. Pretending to be happy for pregnant women.

25. Feeling guilty about not being able to be happy for pregnant women.

26. When people ask how many kids you have.

27. When people assume you don’t want kids because you don’t have any.

28. Being a little bit sad even when you’re really happy.

29. Never really knowing what is going to upset you.

30. Getting your period.

31. The nightmares of what happened.

32. The daydreams of what could have been.

33. Sex.

34. Looking at yourself in the mirror.

35. Feeling unsure of where you fit in.

36. Visiting your baby’s headstone.

37. Storing your baby’s ashes.

38. Not having a headstone or ashes.

39. When you start to become accustomed to the heartache.

40. Spending your time reading lists like this.

What sucks for you after losing your baby?