5 Dads Who Are Rocking Fatherhood

by Toni Hammer
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Sometimes it seems like moms are always the heroes and dads are just the butt of all the parenting jokes. Dads, however, are vital to a child’s upbringing, emotional well-being, and future success. And it takes more than just showing up at the end of the day. It requires creativity. It requires fortitude. And it requires one heck of a sense of humor. Let’s read about some of these awesome fathers, shall we? Here are five dads who are totally rocking this parenthood gig.

1. The Dad Who’s Bringing Laughs to Lunch

Nancy Myers

Nancy Myers

Ryan Myers: This Phoenix-based copywriter wanted to add some pizazz to his daughter’s lunches and not just by making some painful Pinterest project. Instead, he used his talent to entertain his daughter, and now the world, by writing awesomely geeky jokes and quips on her paper bag lunch. “Lilith’s one lunch to rule them all” and “Lilith’s Zombie Repellent” are two of my favorites, but you can view the entire gallery here. Myers’s daughter has kept every bag, and it’s no wonder why. This extra touch given to something as mundane as a paper bag is hilarious and shows just how much he loves his daughter.

2. The Dad Who Made Everyone Cry Before the Wedding Even Started

Delia D. Blackburn

Delia D. Blackburn/via

Todd Bachman: It’s your daughter’s big day, and the time has come to walk her down the aisle. You link arms, head on down, and stick to the plan, right? Well, not for Todd Bachman. On the way to give his daughter, Brittany Peck, away, he stopped and asked Todd Cendrosky, Peck’s stepfather, to join him in escorting her into the next chapter of her life. According to the wedding photographer, Delia D. Blackburn, Bachman approached Cendrosky and said something like, “You helped raise her.” On a day full of stress and big emotions, and where tension was sure to be high, this dad proved just how much his daughter meant to him by doing such a noble thing. Peck is one lucky lady to have such a selfless father who wanted her whole family to be included.

3. The Dad Who Helped Santa Find His Son

CPG Photography

© Get Living London

CPG Photography

Jonathan Silman: After moving to a new neighborhood in London, Silman’s 8-year-old son was concerned Santa would be unable to locate their new home. Not only that, their new home didn’t have a chimney, which only increased the boy’s concern. Going above and beyond the call of dad duty, Silman strapped a reindeer to his drone and created a video of “Santa” flying into their East Village neighborhood and locating their home. This dad brought Santa to his son, kept the hope of the holidays alive, and launched fatherly love to new heights.

4. The Dad Who Learned to Braid Hair

Richard Johnson

© Life Of Dad / Facebook

Richard Johnson/via Life of Dad

Richard Johnson: At the relatively young age of 21, Johnson became a father. Just a month later, he became a single father. He was nervous and scared, but that didn’t stop him from learning everything he could about being the best parent he could be. He logged over 1,000 hours on YouTube watching videos on everything from how to braid hair to dealing with general parenting issues that arise. One thousand hours. I think most people have only spent that much time watching cat videos, but Johnson didn’t use the fact he was a single dad as an excuse to be mediocre. He used it as motivation to become great.

5. The Dad Who ‘80s Rocked His Holiday Photoshoot

Chad Braithwaite / Faces Photography

Chad Braithwaite/Faces Photography

Mike Allen: The holidays are a time for matching sweater vests and forced smiles as family photo season is upon us. One dad, though, was tired of the cheesy poses and decided to do the pictures he’d always wanted to do. Crimped hair, ‘80s sunglasses and snow pants are front and center in these unique family photos. His daughters love skiing, he loves the ‘80s, and thus the most amazing family photo was born. Raising children in the 21st century isn’t easy, and any dad who’s willing to color outside of the lines is going to raise some pretty great kids.

Thank you, Dads, for your heart, humor and hard work. With fathers like these in a time like this, I’m beginning to believe this world may turn out OK after all.

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