5 Reasons I Want My Husband to Get Lost

by Alisa Schindler
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And at night, if we’re both not exhausted, we might snuggle in front of the TV, and by snuggle I mean sit on separate couches in the same room and watch a mutually agreed upon show but cast each other meaningful glances, especially when we want the popcorn bowl passed.

So you see, it’s all perfect bliss over here, and you know what makes it even extra special perfect? The random night every couple of months when he goes somewhere for work. That’s right. I even appreciate my husband when he’s not here. I really am the best wife.

And apparently there are a lot of other wives like me out there. A new study published in the journal Social Forces found that a wife’s quality of life improves when her husband spends more time at the office or on the job. And husbands, you know what they say, “Happy wife, happy life.” So really it’s a win-win for us all.

Here are five reasons why even though I love my husband, I also love a night without him…

1. Bed to myself. Oh, Lucy and Ricky had it right with those separate beds! No heavy leg over my body, no fighting with the covers or the thermostat. It’s just me stretched out diagonally in a sea of fluffy pillows and the temperature set at 69, not 67—yes those two degrees make a big difference. Another big difference? The bed doesn’t smell like last week’s Chinese food dinner. It’s the little things, I know. But every so often a night of clean air is good for the lungs.

2. Putting the kids to sleep on time. When it’s just me, somehow “time to wash up” doesn’t mean “time to run outside for catch.” Or, “hey, let’s all get a snack.” Or, my favorite, “WRESTLE!!” It means brush your teeth, wash your face and get into bed, maybe with a nice book, all by 8:30 p.m. Preferably 8 p.m., but even on my own I can’t seem to manage that.

3. Breakfast for dinner. No chicken, no heavy foods, no mess. My boys are so happy with eggs and toast or cereal and apples. Simple, clean, delicious. Especially when it’s followed up by ice cream for dessert! Wheee!

4. Watching my shows. Unless we’re having one of our “quality” evenings together, generally our main TV is set to some sports channel. And even if I sneak up to watch some more intelligent media, like Bravo, in bed, he always seems to come in (like it’s his room or something) and before I know it…sports. I’m not a fan.

5. Absence, the heart and all that. The time apart makes me love and appreciate my husband even more when he gets back. Oh, hahahahahaha!!! Blah blah.

So when’s the next business trip, honey?

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