5 Steps For Surviving Winter Break (Explained In Tweets)

by Christine Organ
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Mommy, for real/Twitter and Imgorthand/Getty

We’ve survived the holiday madness. Kind of. We’ve cleaned up the wrapping paper and put batteries in a gazillion toys. We’ve fa-la-la’d and ho-ho-ho’d… and we are done.

Except that we can’t really be “done.” Because fucking winter break.

I mean, who thought up this nonsense?

Winter Break Survival basically comes down to five critical steps:

Hoxton/Sam Edwards/Getty

Step #1: Freak out.

Step #2. Set low expectations. The key is to set the bar low. No, lower.

Step #3: Try to look on the bright side.


Step #4: Realize you’re beaten.

Step #5: Give up and pray for survival.

Good luck and godspeed, y’all.

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