5 Summer Camps We'd Like To See

by Laurie Ulster
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But I’m going to do it, of course. We’ve already toured the camp, and he’s excited about it, so now it’s all about paperwork—and not my emotional stability. My daughter says she wants to go too, but she’s only 7 and gets upset when we go out to dinner without her, so we’ll stick with day camp for her.

I came across this list of really fun-looking camps recently and was impressed. They’ve got Hollywood stunt camp, coding camp, race car camp, secret agent camp, shark camp (in Fiji, no less), roller coaster camp and Harry Potter camp, all of which sound like a lot of fun.

The Harry Potter camp caught my eye, though, and made me want to invent some of my own—some that my kids would enjoy and one that would benefit me, their ever-loving but exhausted mother.

Here’s the list:

Camp Half Blood (Percy Jackson Camp)

Are your kids reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series? The movies aren’t that great, but my son and I have read every single book, and since it already takes place in a camp, why not? The kids would get divided into cabins named after Greek gods, and they’d have camp wars and learn all kinds of cool tricks, like metal work (Hephaestus), swimming and water manipulation (Poseidon), gardening (Demeter) and music and prophecy (Apollo). For the very girly girls, there’s Aphrodite, and for the sporty girls, there’s Artemis, goddess of the hunt. And my son already has the T-shirt—I bought him one on Amazon for Christmas last year.

Phineas and Ferb Camp

All day long, they’d get to invent amazing contraptions, and then at the end of the day, everything would miraculously and mysteriously disappear. Plus the camp songs would be awesome.

Hanging Out in the Neighborhood Camp

Honestly, this is what my kids really want to do. They just need help organizing it. Every day they’d have breakfast at the diner, ride their bikes, stop at the playground, go to the candy store for a snack, get lunch at the deli and so on. It used to just be called “summer,” back in the day, but now it would be a camp.

Anti-Gravity Camp

I think they’d love this. We all like watching those videos from the space station, don’t we? They’d learn how to move in zero gravity and how to eat chips while floating freely, like Homer Simpson.

Life Skills Camp

This is the one I want them to go to for my sake. I’d love to have them learn how to cook food, clean their rooms, put their laundry away and pick up after themselves. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I mean, other camps are cool and all, but when in their lives will they be using their archery skills? This one’s so practical!

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