5 Things We Can Do to Keep Throwback Thursday Fun

by Laurie Ulster
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I get that people like to haul out their old photos and share them. I get that it’s funny to look at our old clothes or old hairstyles, or see our kids when they still had chubby cheeks. But there are Thursdays when looking at my Facebook and Instagram feeds turns into a very frustrating scroll-fest as I wade through the clutter, desperately trying to find content that reflects something that happened during the past week.

Here are five things we can all do to make sure Throwback Thursday remains the nostalgia-filled trip down Memory Lane it should be.

Post Pictures That Are Actually Old

Last year doesn’t count as a throwback, neither does last month. I read somewhere that five years is considered the “official” minimum, but since I don’t think Throwback Thursday rules are carved in virtual stone anywhere, I’d go even farther back, unless we have something really spectacular to share.

Post a Few Pictures, Not the Entire Yearbook

One photo of you with your camp buddies is cute, but eight of them, all arriving in their own individual posts, is overkill. Just make a photo album, or better yet, pick one.

Give Your Photos Some Context

I bet there’s a great story to go with that photo…too bad nobody ever tells you what it is.

Remember, We Love You The Way You Are

It’s always fun to see photos of people at some interesting or wildly different phase of their life, but don’t make the whole point of the photo to show off how skinny you were when you were 15 years younger, so that everybody says so. (And I think you’re still beautiful now, by the way.)

#Use a #Reasonable #Number of #Hashtags

Let’s agree not to hashtag every single noun appearing in our photos—a couple choice words and the crucial #tbt will do nicely.

Let’s Keep Throwback Thursday Confined to Thursday

Flashback Friday is a bridge too far.

And for the record, I really do love my friends and enjoy their social media updates. I just want to love them on Thursday, too.

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