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5 Things Your Mom Bod Will Throw At You (And How To Be Ready)

Mom and Seated Baby on Bed

Ah, the miracle of motherhood. After nine months of nurturing a whole entire human inside your body, you get to revel in the sweetness of this tiny person you’ve created…for about ten minutes. 

Then comes the back pain, the lack of sleep, the leaks. A lot happens to our bodies after we have babies, and it can be confusing, frustrating and, quite frankly, annoying AF. Fortunately, that’s where Stayfree + Carefree come in. Their pads and liners are designed to trap period flow, bladder leaks, and everything in between, so you can be ready for all of life’s little accidents. 

Talking about our post-baby bodies can be uncomfortable. But you know what’s even more uncomfortable? Wet pants. Let someone else have your back—and front and underneath—while you warm up bottles, change your umpteenth diaper before 10 a.m., and stare at your baby nonstop.

Welcome to The Wild World of Bodily Fluids

Congratulations! You won a trip to Boob Leak City! Don’t remember signing up? That’s because you’re automatically entered when you have a baby. Is it fun? Only if your idea of fun is wet spots popping up on your shirt while you’re running errands. Is it normal? Absolutely. According to the Mayo Clinic, leakage can continue two to three years after you’ve stopped breastfeeding. Find solace in the realization that you are far from alone and marvel at the fact that your body makes food. You’re like a fruit tree with nipples. 

Speaking of Leaks…

Your baby isn’t the only one who will have an accident or three. Try as you might, you probably won’t be able to prevent yourself from peeing a bit when you laugh, sneeze, move, think about moving, etc. Rebuilding your ability to hold your pee with kegels is great in theory but you have enough to worry about. If you forget to squeeze in some kegels between feedings, naps, diaper changes, more feedings, and trying to find time to shower, that just means you’re human. Luckily, Carefree Acti-Fresh liners and Stayfree all-in-one pads can trap light (and heavy) leaks stat so you don’t have to worry about doing double diaper duty. 

Hair Everywhere Except Where You Want It

Cheek hairs and chin hairs and nipple hairs, oh my! That luscious hair you got during pregnancy has seemed to migrate to other parts of your body. In turn, the hair on your head is falling out in what feels like horror movie-sized clumps. Fear not, mama. This excessive shedding is totally normal as it’s caused by falling estrogen levels, per the American Academy of Dermatology Association. All your hair will likely return to normal before your baby’s first birthday. 

Heavier Periods

You probably hoped heavy things would stop coming out of your vagina after you gave birth — wasn’t the baby enough?! But a heavier period is something many women experience when their cycle returns. As the Cleveland Clinic explains, after you have a baby, you’ll likely have a larger uterine cavity, meaning you’ll have more uterine lining to shed. Thankfully, Stayfree all-in-one pads are built to handle heavy bleeding and beyond.

Pains In The Back and Neck and Arms and…

Part of what makes motherhood miraculous is your body’s ability to keep pushing through it—after you literally pushed through it when you had your baby. Everything from breastfeeding to bending over to pick up your tiny human takes a toll on your body. Put taking care of yourself toward the top of your to-do list. That can look like breaking the maternity pillows back out, soothing sore arm muscles with heating pads, stocking up on a year’s worth of pads and liners, or watching every streaming TV show. Twice.

Talking about what you need can be tough. Especially when what you need is something to stop leakage. All of these changes are normal, but talk to your doctor if you’re concerned about what you’re experiencing. And rest assured that many have been down this path before you and will be there to guide and support you along the way. Leaks and all.


Stayfree + Carefree know you’re ready for anything mom life throws at you. Get prepared for leaks with Stayfree all-in-one pads + Carefree Acti-Fresh liners here.