5 Times Taylor Swift Has Been Beyond Awesome Lately

by Melissa Kirsch
Originally Published: 
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Could Taylor Swift get any more amazing? In addition to being a record-breaking pop star with a recent album that no one you know can stop listening to, she seems to be in the news every single day with another act of kindness, generosity or all-around super coolness that makes you wonder why we spend our time obsessing over dumb celebrity news like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge when we could just worship the goddess Taylor instead.

1. She gave $50,000 to this adorable 11-year-old girl to help her fight leukemia.

2. She gave a fan advice on Tumblr on which tie to wear to the prom.

3. She saved the music industry.

4. Instead of answering the rumors that the song “Bad Blood” is about a feud with Katy Perry, she made a music video, put all her friends in it, and let the public make of it what they will.

5. She’s just like us. (Kind of)

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