This Drake-Themed Birthday Party Is What Happens When We Give Our Kids What They Want

by Jerriann Sullivan
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6-year-olds Drake-themed birthday party had everything, even Hennessy

Our kids love what they love, and when we actually give them what they really want, we may end up with a Drake-themed birthday party for our six-year-old. Six-year-old Leah loves the hip-hop artist Drake so much that her mom decided to throw her a surprise Drake-themed birthday. It was so epic that half the internet has already planned to steal the idea.

Leah’s mom, Lex Saldivar, went all out for her baby girl and decorated the party with fake $100 bills, balloons with the rapper’s face, and decorations with Drake blowing into a noisemaker.

Image via Abby Marquez.

Image via Abby Marquez.

She even got Leah an OVO cake. For those of you not completely obsessed with Drake (if those people even exist), OVO stands for October’s Very Own Sound and is the Canadian record label Drake helped found. Even Marquez, who originally laughed when her best friend told her the idea, loved the theme. “When I arrived, the decorations were better than I expected,” she told Buzzfeed News. Mini Hennessy bottles holding the balloons down were an extra special touch — which were clearly a little nod to crack up the parents — so relax, sanctimommies.

Image via Abby Marquez.

Image via Abby Marquez.

Just look at how happy Drake makes Leah. “She loves everything about his music,” her mom told reporters. “She recently said she wanted to marry Drake when she’s older.” We love Drake, too, but you’ll like move past that feeling in a few decades, Leah. Plus, there’s that whole Rihanna will-they-or-won’t-they thing.

The party was such a success that Drake fans helped the photos go viral. We’re expecting a lot of Drake-themed birthday parties (for adults or kids) in the coming years.

Image via Abby Marquez.

Leah’s mom explained that the 6-year-old had a great time. “She loved her party and was smiling from ear to ear the entire time.”

Of course she was! This is A+ parenting. It’s not about giving our kids the perfect Pinterest party. It’s about knowing the little things they really love, and indulging them from time-to-time.

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