8 Glitter-Free Ways to Help Your Kids Live Their Fullest Creative Lives

by Scary Mommy Team
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On my son’s first day of kindergarten, the principal gave each child a small bag of glitter. It was supposed to be a whimsical welcoming gesture; apparently, putting the glitter bomb under their pillow would give them “sweet dreams” as they adjusted to their new school. Fast forward 24 hours, and my house looked like it had been crop-dusted by a vengeful gang of tooth fairies. That’s when I first understood parents’ universal contempt for glitter.

We do love a good craft project though, and thankfully, that doesn’t require the tiny, invasive specks of sparkle. Kids don’t need glitter to be creative geniuses — all they need to get excited about making things is their imagination and a pair of ergonomic Fiskars® scissors made especially for little hands. As we gear up for back-to-school, go old-school with these eight glitter-free paper-cutting projects that will get your kids’ creativity and fine motor skills working overtime.

1. Suncatchers

Make the most of the late summer sun with homemade suncatchers that’ll brighten your windows and use up some of that bounce-off-the-wall energy that is so endearing in June but somehow loses its luster by August. Incorporating tracing, cutting, and collage, suncatchers offer glitter-less sparkle and let kids develop fine motor skills while learning about colors and patterns. All Fiskars scissors feature an optimized opening angle that helps kids open the blades without losing their grip, and the handle is built in-line with the blades to allow for better precision while cutting.

2. Upcycled Friendship Bracelets

Give outgrown t-shirts new life by turning them into upcycled friendship bracelets! Older kids can learn to cut fabric with Fiskars Graduate Scissors, featuring larger 8” handles designed to fit their growing hands. Little ones can use easier-to-snip yarn and Pointed-tip Kids Scissors that make detailed cutting easy with their pointed tips and handles specially engineered for kids, in bright colors they love. There’s even a glitter design (no clean-up necessary).

3. Sweet Treats Keychains

If you’re anything like us, your keychain weighs approximately seven pounds and dates back to the early 2000s. Why not upgrade with this cute keychain craft? Cut ice cream, donut, and cookie shapes with blunt-tip scissors with safety-edge blades to avoid accidental sibling-poking, then use punch tools to add “bite” marks, sprinkles, and chocolate chips. This sweet project will tempt kids of all ages.

4. Secret Message Airplane Carriers

You could ask your kid in a panic if they did their homework while idling in the drop-off lane … or you could send them a top-secret message in a paper airplane tucked surreptitiously into their lunchbox. Lend secret agent-style panache to even the most mundane questions using only paper, straws, and a hot glue gun with this classified craft that will appeal to even the most homework-averse child.


Get your kids excited to keep up with their reading by making personalized bookmarks. This is a great craft for younger kids who are just learning how to use scissors, since rectangles are an uncomplicated way to practice cutting, and decorating the bookmarks can be as simple as a box of crayons. Older kids can express their inner bookworm-artists with squeeze punches, glue, or whatever they can imagine — except glitter, of course. 😉

6. Backpack Buddies

Let’s get real — not all kids are excited to go back to school. In fact, for many children, especially those starting school for the first time or going back in person after a year of Zoom calls, it can be intimidating. Enter Backpack Buddies, a fantastic project to help younger students make their journey back to class friendly and fun. All you need is yarn, pipe cleaners, and of course a sturdy pair of Fiskars scissors ergonomically designed for small hands. Give your little monster — the craft, not your kid — a silly name and send them off the school with a smile.

7. Upcycled Pencil Box

Upcycling materials you already have at home is a great way for kids to create personalized school supplies while reducing waste, and DIY pencil boxes are a great start. Any container that fits pencils will do the trick, but plastic travel baby wipe containers are perfect for this eco-conscious craft. Kids can cut out paper “covers” for their box using Fiskars Blunt-Tip Scissors, glue them on, and then decorate with stickers, washi tape … the sky’s the limit.

Back to School Welcome Kits

Help your little scholars and their classmates get ready for a new year with sweet mini personalized paper bags decorated with rulers and filled with crayons, pencils, Fiskars scissors, and other essential supplies. This craft incorporates not only easy-grip Fiskars paper-edger scissors to create a beautiful bag border, but the holy grail of fun crafting tools, the squeeze punch! (Oh, and what’s that? You can welcome kids back to school without sending home bags of glitter? Emailing this link to my principal, brb.)

Fiskars® kids scissors are designed for small hands and creative minds, with safety-edge blades, ergonomic handles, and fun styles and patterns chosen by actual kids. Fiskars offers age-appropriate scissors for preschool through high school, because every child deserves the right scissors at the right age to express themselves. Learn more here.

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