8-Year-Old Cancer Victim Gets To Experience Having A Soulmate

by Ashley Austrew
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A young boy with terminal cancer is getting a chance at one of life’s greatest experiences: he’s in love.

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According to his fundraising page on YouCaring, eight-year-old David Spisak was diagnosed with leukemia when he just two years old. Since then, he’s had two bone marrow transplants and been told he was in remission three times, but in March of this year, the cancer returned. Knowing the outlook was grim, his parents made a decision to forego treatments and allow David to live out the rest of his life as a “normal kid.” Little did they know, David’s “slice of life” would include finding someone he deems his soulmate.

David started school in September and quickly developed his first crush on a little girl in his class named Ayla. He told her he had a crush on her and she reciprocated, and now he tells Fox6 the two are “dating.” David’s parents had to pull him from public school last month due to his illness, and that’s when the strength of his relationship with Ayla became evident.

She regularly sent him letters telling him how much she loves him and how much she missed him. The kids’ moms noticed what was going and decided to plan an official date for the pair. Recently, David called Ayla and asked her out properly, then the two were treated to a date at a local bowling center where David brought a card and some flowers. David’s mom posted about their date on Facebook and even shared some adorable photos.

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His mom acknowledges that the story is a little bit odd, but writes on his Facebook page that “given the circumstances, we are so fortunate that our baby fell for the princess of a family that sees how much of an impact this has on both of them.” She adds, “This is no silly crush or kids trying to be grown up; this is a special bond that our children have.”

An epic love story likely wasn’t what David’s parents had in mind when they talked about letting him lead a normal life, but that’s absolutely what they got. David and Ayla are inseparable, and his mom and dad say the relationship has brought out a happier, more hopeful side of him that they haven’t seen in a long time.

As parents, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our kids, but even we don’t have the capacity to help them experience their first love, first date, or first relationship. The thought of David missing out on those life experiences was probably wrenching for this family, and it’s beautiful that they don’t have to worry about that anymore. He’s gotten to experience one of life’s greatest gifts: the chance to love someone. We’re so happy these two have each other.

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