The Internet Is Loving This 8-Year-Old's Fitness Plan

by Christina Marfice
Via Briseyda Ponce / Twitter

A Rice Krispie Treat can go a long way in helping a girl get over a crappy crush

A girl is never too young to learn to love herself, and 8-year-old Allysson Baires, from Irving, Texas, might be the best example of that ever to hit the internet.

Baires lives with her 17-year-old cousin, Briseyda Ponce, who goes for a run every day. One day last week, Baires asked if she could come along. Ponce tweeted the reason, and the adorable aftermath.

“I turn around to check on her and she’s munching on a Rice Krispie [Treat],” Ponce told Buzzfeed News. “I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Via Briseyda Ponce / Twitter

Via Briseyda Ponce / Twitter

Hey, a girl’s gotta eat.

Obviously, it’s completely silly for an 8-year-old girl to be running because of what that jerk Hector said. Luckily, Baires has Ponce to teach her that important lesson.

“I [explained] to her how beauty isn’t physical, and if she wants to work out or run it has to because she wants to be healthy, not because of others’ opinions about her body,” Ponce said. “We [laughed] it off.”

And now, in addition to her older cousin, Baires has the whole internet teaching her some self-love. Ponce’s tweet was met with tons of support for the way Baires is loving herself, and a whole lot of shade for Hector and his crew.

Luckily, Ponce said Baires is taking this all in stride. They decided to quit the run, and “instead we just walked around the block talking, trying to make her understand how beautiful she is,” Ponce said, adding that Baires is a “smart girl.”

Via Briseyda Ponce / Twitter

“She kind of brushed everything off and forgot about it,” she added.

And since the tweet has gone viral, Baires has been loving the attention she’s gotten.

“It’s been fun and everyone has been so kind to Allysson,” Ponce said.