8th Grader Goes Viral Impersonating Presidential Candidates

by Valerie Williams
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8th grader is funnier than most adults in speech impersonating the presidential candidates

Graduations are usually pretty boring at worst, or mildly entertaining at best. It’s definitely not typical for attendees at these obligatory events to laugh so hard their cheeks ache, but that’s what the audience at one middle school’s commencement ceremonies were treated to when the class speaker did impressions of the 2016 presidential candidates — to side-splittingly hilarious results.

According to Today, eighth grade student Jack Aiello’s class speaker performance at Chicago’s Thomas Middle School was something the school was a little nervous about at first. Principal Brian Kaye explains, “A week before, we had our 20 finalists compete for who was going to get to speak at graduation. When I saw the title, I got nervous. I didn’t know if it was going to be targeting candidates in a negative way. Honestly, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.”

As it turns out, Kaye had nothing to worry about as Aiello’s speech was not only funny, but totally not politically divisive in any way. He gave each candidate their due with spot-on ribbings worthy of a much older comedian. Check him out and laugh along with his very lucky audience.

Pretty funny and accurate stuff, right? Kaye says, “He never put anyone down. It was completely positive, which impressed me. He just used their mannerisms and movements and voices to talk about the school and his class. I knew he was going to bring the house down.”

His impersonations covered Donald Trump, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Sen. Bernie Sanders. From his bombastic Trump performance to his ridiculously accurate Bernie Sanders speech about the school lunch choices, this kid has wit and brilliance to spare. There’s no question he could turn those natural abilities into a career in comedy and performing. Or maybe even politics.

Kaye says it’s Aiello’s parents who have supported the middle schooler’s interest in the election. “His parents have allowed him to get engaged with that and watch the shows and everything, and I’m sure right now he’s beyond excited about what’s happened.”

In what’s been an especially divisive and tumultuous campaign (some might even call it a shit-show…some being, me) it’s refreshing and fun to see something positive like this emerge from it. There are many parents concerned about the outcome of the election this fall and wondering what it will mean for their children. His knowledge of the candidates is a nice reminder that amid our fears, we should still let our kids watch the process and possibly, gain an interest like Aiello’s. We might be motivating the next Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton right from our living rooms. Hopefully, not the next Donald Trump.

Kidding. Except, not really.

If you want to have a laugh along with your children, check out Jack’s speech in full. Kudos to this kid for educating himself about politics and making us all smile in the process.

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