9 Hilarious Moments Featuring Really Funny Women on 'The Daily Show' –

9 Hilarious Moments Featuring Really Funny Women on ‘The Daily Show’

1. Samantha Bee in “Condescent of a Woman,” about the presidential debates. Best line: “As a woman I was too appalled at how rude and belligerent those two men were to each other and to that nice waitress who was trying to calm them down.”

2. Jessica Williams on catcalling. Best line, with a slow clap: “This is just how we women show our appreciation for the male gaze.”

3. Kristen Schaal on sexy Halloween costumes. Best line: “You’re out of order! No, you’re out of order. Oh, let’s just make out.”

4. Kristin Schaal on manspreading. Best line: “Do the math! Men make 30 percent more than women, they should have 30 percent more space on the ride to work!”

5. Amy Sedaris, promoting her new book. Best line: “I know Paul Rudd got a dirty phone call. And so did Kristen Chenoweth.”

6. Jessica Williams on the Hobby Lobby decision. Best line: “You know what, Jon, think of it as a hug, you know, a hug that squeezes all the sluts off the health plan.”

7. Amy Schumer. Best line, about photos of her beside Jennifer Lawrence in a bikini: “All the pictures we took of us, I look like her coach.”

8. Tina Fey, promoting 30 Rock. Best line: “Nobody ever enters the Oval Office in a hamburger outfit. We always get it right.”

9. The 2015 Mercun awards, judged by Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee. Best line: “How many nuts do you have, Jon?”