9 Retailers' Emails That Add Up to the Perfect Mother's Day

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First come the compliments and kind words:

Thank you, Ann. I’ve always liked you.

Now I’m blushing. I am seriously awesome and well-made! Oh wait, you were talking about shorts, never mind.

Sure, if you mean heads of lettuce at the grocery store…and FYI, Father’s Day is next month.

Unfortunately, as the day goes on, there is often a little disappointment mixed in:

Wait, I’m expected to make my own gift? Um, sure, I’m totally fine with that (wipes away martyr tear).

Little hint: “Dog Mom” did not necessarily want “Dog Mom presents.”

Things may start to look up at some point….

“Well, hello there, handsome…”

Dine Amalfi style? Now we’re talking…

…but don’t get your hopes up too high

Oh wait, scratch the fancy dinner because, “Mom! Mom! Look at this!”

And in the end, no matter how great the day…

Yeah, don’t worry Macy’s. I haven’t forgotten it’s not all about me (#PromoCodeMOM).

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Happy Mother’s Day!

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