Big Ed From '90 Day Fiancé' Posted Throwback Photos, And OMG He Was Hot

by Cassandra Stone
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Big Ed From '90 Day Fiancé' Posted Throwback Photos, And OMG He Was Hot

This now-viral throwback photo of Big Ed proves he used to look like a model

Ed Brown from TLC‘s 90 Day Fiancé has confirmed that the viral throwback photo going around is, in fact, a photo of him. Where he, also known as “Big Ed,” used to be… hot? OMG, things are so confusing right now. But this is the kind of #TBT we need today.

If you need a quick refresher or even an introduction to Big Ed, it’s my pleasure to deliver that to you. Here he is meeting his girlfriend Rose for the first time.

Brown confirmed with TMZ this week that a photo circulating on social media over the weekend really is a picture of him back in 1988. In the picture, Brown is seen posing in a model-like stance, showing off his tan physique in an all-white outfit.

According to Big Ed, the picture was taken on his second date with his ex-wife at the San Diego Zoo. He also tells TMZ that he isn’t exactly sure how the photos went viral, but he guesses that somebody took the pictures from his private Facebook page.

That’s not the only solid throwback of Ed proving he used to look like a damn model:

If you’ve seen the show (or any of the viral clips and memes solely surrounding the existence of Big Ed), you may also want to know that he also used to be a debonair bartender.

Ed has gained recent fame for his relationship with girlfriend Rose, who is 31 years his junior, on 90 Day Fiancé. He and Rose are one of eight couples featured on season four of the hit reality show, which follows international couples who have an existing relationship online and travel to the other’s foreign country to meet for the first time.

To say he and Rose are incredibly different is an understatement. There are barriers with language, the amount of money in their bank accounts, and the large age gap. Literally nothing about these two makes sense, which is probably why it makes for good television.

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