These '90s Nostalgia Finds Are All That And A Bag Of Chips

by Team Scary Mommy
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The ’90s are back, dawg, and we are way hyped. Cool beans, dude. For shizzle!

Um, okay, we’ll stop. But don’t let our reminiscent ramblings deter you from checking out these fly finds that will take you right back to the bangin ’90s. You’ll be so overcome with nostalgic excitement that you might bust out with the Macarena. Or perhaps you will get jiggy with it.

Okay, really stopping now. Sorry.



We were pissed when hair scrunchies went out of style, and now we’re delighted they’re back.

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Perfume


One inhale of this stuff and I am right back in the 10th grade. And THEY STILL HAVE IT. *buys some*

Koosh Balls


You need this set of six Koosh Balls. A couple for you to keep and the rest to give out. Remember how good they felt in your hands? And that divine, rubbery smell?

Fanny Pack


If you don’t agree that this iridescent fanny pack is hideously amazing, then we just don’t even know what to say to you.

“That’s nice.” Daria Mug


Because ’90s you was sarcastic as all get out and hated everyone, and sometimes you just need to go back to that place. With this Daria mug.

Bop It! Game


Remember this thing? This updated version of Bob It! has added functionality, but it also has a “classic” setting so you can relive your ’90s frenetic joy.

Lisa Frank Hoodie


We just… has there ever been a more magnificent hoodie in the history of hoodies? No. No, there has not.

Hacky Sacks


You’re definitely still agile enough to fail at playing hacky sack every bit as epically as you failed at it in 1996. We believe in you.

Slap Bracelets


Adults can wear slap bracelets, too. YES THEY CAN TOO.

Caboodle Vintage Case


We haven’t the faintest idea why caboodles ever went out of style. No makeup case since has come close to matching its look and functionality.

Kissing Koolers Flavored Lip Gloss


Arguably the most iconic ’90s makeup item. And strawberry fizz is obviously the best flavor/scent.

Butterfly Hair Clips


I’m not going to admit how long it took me to figure out butterfly clips had gone out of style. I may still have some in my Caboodle, actually.

Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Book Set


What better way to get your coloring therapy on than with these gorgeous Lisa Frank coloring books? Wear your Lisa Frank hoodie while you color, with a spritz of Sunflowers perfume and a dash of Kissing Koolers lip gloss.

Pure ’90s heaven.


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