A Hands-Free Bottle? Yes, Please

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

A hands-free bottle? Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?

Last week on Shark Tank, Ashton Kutcher made a guest appearance, and ended up funding this great idea: the Beebo Hands-Free Bottle. The creation allows parents to keep one hand free while feeding baby.

The concept is simple: it’s a mock boob. Not kidding — it really looks like a boob with a groove cut out for a bottle. Look:

You slap the thing over your shoulder and commence feeding. Information on its Amazon listing claims its been tested with most major bottle brands and fits them all. Ashton Kutcher and Lori Greiner went in together to put up the $200,000 creator Martin Hill was asking for to expand his business.

I’m really sad I missed out on this invention. Can you imagine being able to flip through episodes of Orange Is The New Black while bottle-feeding your infant? What about actually being able to take a bite of your food in a restaurant while your baby enjoys her bottle? You know the baby always wants her bottle right when your food arrives. I know, I know — we’re all supposed to be staring lovingly into our babies’ eyes every moment of their tiny little existence, right? Who needs free hands when you’re feeding the love of your life? The answer to that is “everyone.” Everyone needs free hands. My Roku remote isn’t going to click itself. And my burger isn’t going to magically find its way to my mouth.

Basically, anything that makes a new parent’s life easier is a win. If this is one of those things, may it land on every baby registry across the land. If the reviews on the Amazon page are any indication, it’s a pretty awesome invention. It turns out parents are pretty good at multi-tasking, and would like to be able to do something during the fourteen feedings a day an infant has. (Maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it does seem like that many, doesn’t it?)

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