Moms, Watch This Video About How Your Child Sees Your 'Normal' Days

by Maria Guido

Video about a child’s “normal” day is making the rounds

My kids aren’t having “magical” childhoods — they just aren’t. There’s no “fairy door” in their room. The Elf doesn’t leave the Christmas tree branch we set him on when we’re decorating. There are no “bunny tracks” making their way around our home during Easter. We don’t do any of that stuff.

And their day-to-day isn’t magical either. Sometimes I run myself ragged after a long day’s work, thinking we have to go somewhere or do something special so there is some kind of daily reminder that they are the most important things in my life. I’ve never really stopped to think about how they perceive their daily time with me… until now.

This video by Esther Anderson of the YouTube channel Story of This Life will make you stop and think about all the amazing things you do every day… that may just not seem that amazing to you. But if you could view your life through your child’s eyes, how would it look?

Those “mundane” things you do with your child may actually be the little things that do make their lives magical. I was raised in the seventies, before making kids lives magical was even a thing parents attempted to do. I still have fantastic memories — and they usually involve the most mundane moments.

Give yourselves a break, moms. It turns out you’re the magic.