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The Cozy Winter Gear Guide For Kids Who Won’t Go Shopping With You


Big kids are pretty underrated. They are utterly hilarious, they devour and process info at lightning speed, and they don’t yet have that full teenage snark and disdain. Parenting after the little kid phase is pretty fun, to be honest.

There’s just one thing they do NOT make fun: clothes shopping. If you’ve ever spent a whole day holding up items of clothing and saying, “What about this?” while your kid shakes their head until you say, “FINE, go ahead and freeze in the snow because I cannot spend one more minute in this store” — we get it.

But we need our boys and girls to wear coats in the cold, right? That’s why we whipped up this handy guide to the perfect winter weather items that every kid will happily wear AND these clothes are super cute. Sometimes all they want is for you to make the decision and with these items? They’ll love you for it too.

1. A Parka for Posing

This parka is picture-perfect. Storm cuffs keep the snow out, the hood has removable fur trim, and the cinched waist protects against brisk winter weather. What more do you want in a coat?

2. Denim That Goes Everywhere

Kids need denim that looks cool but can handle pretty much anything. These jeans are stylish and flexible, and this denim skirt is just adorable with leggings (and here’s that sweatshirt, too).

3. Fierce Flannel

Faux fur fierceness? Check. Warm and fuzzy hat to keep ears warm? Check. Soft flannel for layering? Check. The perfect outfit for your kid who wants to be girly but not.

4. The Hoodie Phase

Just accept the hoodie phase. Eventually, they’ll wear something else again, and in the meantime, this sherpa-lined hoodie will at least keep them warm if it’s the only coat they’ll wear.

5. When They’ll Only Wear One Color

Kids are figuring out who they are, and sometimes that means they’ll only wear green. These stylish but super-comfy sweats match perfectly and will help keep them warm, too.

6. Soft and Warm Velour? YES, PLEASE.

Yes, velour tracksuits are back. Embrace it, because they are also totally toasty. Just add that sassy blanket scarf and your kid is ready to either hit the slopes or hop on the school bus.

7. Nestled All Snug in Their Beds

Because they need to stay warm at night, too, and these pajamas are so cute that you should probably buy them for the whole family, right? Go ahead. We won’t judge.

8. Durable Dress Up

Listen, this full-zip mock turtle sweater is amazing. It’s gorgeous and can easily be worn as a dressed-up winter outfit, but it is also perfect for playing and sturdy as can be. And it zips up to the chin for coziness.

9. A Puffer to Die For

There’s nothing cuter than a kid in a puffer coat, is there? There’s a reason these wind-resistant, waterproof, and super-snuggly warm coats are called “essential.” In cute colors, too!

10. Because Denim Jackets Are In, Again

Yes, that denim jacket you had at her age? It’s hip again. But now it’s stretchy, too, so it moves with her. It’s also a great additional layer they can keep on in class when it’s chilly at school.

11. #CrewGoals

These sweaters are perfect for your kids, who are infinitely cooler than you are. Who knew you’d end up with a hipster?

So there you go, 11 cozy winter staples that your kids will wear without complaint. This way you can skip the in-store battle cry of “Just try it on!” and get right back to enjoying this magical age. So now you can hit pause on the clothing battles until the teenage years. Hopefully.

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