Adam Levine's First Family Photo Is Swoon Worthy

by Maria Guido
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Image via David McNew/Getty Images

Adam Levine shares a photo of his new little family on Instagram

Adam Levine took to Instagram yesterday to share a photo of his new little family. His wife Behati Prinsloo gave birth to Dusty Rose almost two months ago, and the family hasn’t shared too many photos of new parenthood.

This one is perfect.

“Everything I need is right here,” Levine writes. “Beach optional.” Well, yeah. Every new parent knows the coffee is definitely not optional.

Prinsloo shared the same snap on her account.

Two months is about when that honeymoon period after the first child is born sets in, if you’re lucky. You’re not a brand-new parent anymore, so you’ve begun to relax a little. The infant carrier doesn’t freak you out as much, either does venturing into the outside world. Your baby is still pretty much immobile, so you can actually set her down and perform tasks.

We get so exhausted in those first few months, it’s easy to forget to stop and realize how awesome that time really is. Clearly I’m sappy because I’m done making babies, but this image gives me the warm fuzzies.

Exhausted new moms and dads, let this image remind you to soak it all up. The cliché is thrown around so much, because it is really so true: it goes by so fast.

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