Add 'Hilarious' To The List Of Reasons You Love Adele

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

Adele pranks Jamba Juice employees with the help of Ellen Degeneres

Adele cannot stop being likable. She just can’t. The woman is an awesome mom, an incredible singer, a pretty damn great spontaneous rapper, and now she’s gone and pulled off another prank — adding “hilarious” to the laundry list of reasons we love her.

You may or may not have seen the first prank Adele pulled off a few months ago, when she convinced a group of Adele impersonators that she was an impersonator, too. She’s trumped that this week with a prank she pulled with the help of Ellen Degeneres. Ellen sends her into Jamba Juice with a mic in her ear and feeds her lines. But before she does that, she has someone go into the Jamba Juice claiming to be Adele’s assistant, asking all the employees to treat Adele like a “normal person.”

The rest is history.

“What should I get?” she asks some employees, after completely confusing them by requesting a large juice in a small cup. “Money is no object.” She then proceeds to pull a pair of scissors out of her purse and help herself to the wheat grass. These poor Jamba Juice employees are thinking, “What the heck is wrong with this freak?” It’s comedy gold. Ellen then asks her to dump out her purse: Twizzlers, knives, handcuffs and no money. At that point she asks, “I’m a celebrity — do I have to pay?”

Oh. My. God. Never stop doing these hidden camera pranks, Ellen. Never. Stop.

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