Adorably Confused Baby Reacts To His Dad's Twin

by Maria Guido

Twins, even identical ones, are usually easy to tell apart once you get to know them both and the intricacies of their personalities start shining through. I’ve never had a problem differentiating the several sets of twins I have for friends, but I know people confuse them all the time. That’s why it’s easy to understand why a newborn meeting his dad’s twin for the first time would be… well, let’s just say confused.

The video — simply titled, ‘When your dad is a twin…’ — shows Father Stephen Ratpojanakul passing his infant son Reed to his twin brother, Michael. Stephen is utterly baffled by what’s going on, and keeps trying to go back into the welcome arms of his father. Or is it his uncle? Or his father? The poor kid cannot figure it out.

Proof positive that twin hijinks don’t end it childhood. These brothers are having way too much fun. But with an adorable reaction like that, who could blame them?