When Motherhood Gets Tough, Make Adult Granola

by Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley
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I used to eat a lot of adult granola. You see, some seasons of motherhood are harder than others. Some seasons are riddled with sleepless nights, colic, nonstop illnesses, and toddler tantrums. The days feel endless and yet the months and years go by in a blur.

You try to do all the things, to search for that elusive thing they call “balance,” but you just end up crying in your Cheerio-littered kitchen, surrounded by overflowing laundry baskets.

Every morning begins the same, filled with the very best of intentions. There are so many things you will do today:

– Laundry

– Be a happy mom – Workout – Green smoothie – Shower – Put the dishes away – Pay bills

But every evening, you crawl into bed (too late) feeling defeated.

It is in these seasons that mothers need to give themselves a collective break. If you are in a hard season, find something you love and do that. And that’s where adult granola comes into play.

How to Make Adult Granola

Prep Time: Ready in seconds (Yay!)

Cook Time: None (Yahoo!)

Total Time: As long as you need, sweet mama!

Serves: One (This is key.)


– Your favorite peanut butter

– Chocolate chips – Coconut flakes – Any other topping that makes your little heart sing


– A spoon

– A plate – A closet, bathroom, pantry, or another less-traveled room


Find a diversion — whether it is nap time, screen time, or a cup of Cheerios (soon to be distributed throughout your first floor) handed to a hangry, pantsless toddler. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Fear not, things will be better in a minute!

If you are on top of your adult granola game, you’ll already have the ingredients stashed in your favorite escape locale. If not, grab a spoon and the above ingredients and run (quietly, like a ninja!).

Dip spoon in peanut butter, roll in favorite toppings, and savor the moment.


Repeat Repeat (You get the idea.)

Now, this is the most important part: When a child locates you (notice that I wrote when and not if), they will ask what you are doing. This is the most important part, mamas, so please pay attention.

You must respond:

“I am eating adult granola.”

FAQ: I know how tired you are, sitting in that closet with spoon and jar in hand. You are in adult granola season, and it is not for the weak of heart. It is also not the best season for thinking on your feet, and so, as an adult granola veteran, I am here to help you answer the barrage of questions that you will receive when your child discovers you.

“Can I have some?”

No, honey, I am sorry. This is adult granola.

“But what is in it?”

Adult ingredients.

“But when can I have it?”

When you are 18.

“Will you share it with me when I’m 18?”

Of course, I will, sweetheart! Especially when you become a parent! We will reminisce together and it will be so much fun!

“But I eat peanut butter and I like chocolate.”

You cannot have this specific combination of ingredients. It’s for adults only. Sorry, honey.

“But what would happen if I had some?”

I love you too much to find out. It’s my job to protect you!

“But why can’t I have it?”

It’s the law. You have to be 18 to eat this granola.

“But why?”

See above.

“But why?”

See above. (And eat another scoop because you’ve entered the Why Zone.)

“But why?”

See above.

“But why?”

See above.

Adult granola is self-care right now.

Yes, in a perfect world, you’d be able to eat your adult granola and exercise daily. But it’s okay if this is not that season. In time, when you are actually sleeping a little bit, you will figure out a way to exercise.

Until then: adult granola.

Adult granola season will end.

All seasons come to an end, and adult granola season is no different. One day, you’ll realize you haven’t spent much time hiding in the pantry. Things will feel just a little bit easier, lighter.

You might even miss adult granola season a little bit. And that’s okay too.

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