Several Airlines Drop Alcohol On Flights In Response To COVID-19

by Madison Vanderberg
Multiple Airlines Move To Suspend Alcoholic Beverage Service In-Flight : drinks on an airplane

Airlines around the world are dropping alcohol services amid COVID-19 fears

As the world readjusts to suit our pandemic times, flying is looking a lot different than it did in February. Planes are half-full, masks are required, and now — you can’t get a glass of chardonnay to ease your in-flight jitters. Multiple domestic and international airlines have eliminated or (or greatly reduced) their alcoholic drink services because of COVID-19.

The major airlines that are dropping alcohol service in the U.S. are Delta Air Lines and American Airlines and major international airlines doing the same are EasyJet, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia, to name a few. In addition to axing alcohol, regular food and beverage services have been limited as well and airlines are releasing statements that essentially amount to saying “pack a lunch before your flight.”

“We’re limiting food and drink service on board based on flight length and destination. You’re welcome to bring snacks and soft drinks to enjoy during your flight,” according to a statement on American Airlines’ website. Although there’s no alcohol, American Airlines will continue to serve snacks and soft drinks on flights over 250 miles, which means you can still enjoy an ice-cold glass of pulp-free orange juice and a baggie of pretzels two hours into your flight. Unclear how alcohol is less COVID-safe than opening a can of soda, but okay.

According to Delta, the alcohol bans are all in an effort to eliminate “physical touch points between customers and employees.” Delta is also doing away with meals and will only serve water bottles and a single snack on all domestic flights and international flights to Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America. If you ask us, the already miserable task of flying just got more tedious.

Virgin Atlantic, an airline that claims “eating and drinking on our flights is a kind of a big deal,” is now only serving orange juice and water throughout the flight, with one main meal service with the option of juice or a soft drink.

According to CNN, the airlines that have eliminated alcohol on all or most flights are: Easyjet, KLM, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, and British Airways.

Between the alcohol ban, limited food and drink, and the fact you have to pack a lunch, maybe I’ll just stay at home for a bit longer.