Man Mows Lawn With Looming Tornado, Reaches Peak Husband Status

by Maria Guido
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Image via Cecilia Wessels

Man mows lawn with tornado at his doorstep, becomes internet hero

My husband picks the weirdest times to mow the lawn. High noon on a near 100 degree day, for example. He seems to gravitate towards the times that will make it the most miserable experience possible. I don’t know if he does this for martyr status or if he’s just totally unable to deviate from a to-do list when it comes to yard work — but now I know I’m not alone.

There is a photo going viral of a man mowing his lawn with a tornado looming in the background in Alberta, Canada. He’s reached peak husband.

“My beast mowing the lawn with a breeze in his hair,” Cecilia Wessels captioned the photo she posted to Facebook over the weekend of her husband, Theunis. Wessels told CBC she went to take a quick nap right before her husband was heading out for the chore. Her nine-year-old daughter woke her up because she “was upset that there was something like a tornado in the sky, but her father wouldn’t come inside.”

“It looks much closer if you look in the photo, but it was really far away. Well, not really far, far away, but it was far away from us,” Theunis said.

“I was keeping an eye on it.”

I mean…

Image via Cecilia Wessels

Must. Finish. Task.

“We were about two to five kilometers away from the moving tornado and we are about 20 minutes drive from where it touched down,” Wessels tells Scary Mommy. “It was quite the adventure.”

This image is everything. My husband would do this — but then he’s also the guy that will wash all the dishes except the silverware. Or gets his sock right next to the hamper, but not in it. There’s something about yard work that brings out taskmaster in some men. It’s baffling that they can’t bring this drive to other types of housework. And in this case — pretty hilarious.

“I literally took the picture to show my mum and dad in South Africa, ‘Look there’s a tornado,’ and now everyone is like, ‘Why is your husband mowing the lawn?”‘ Wessels told CBC.

Good question.

Husband level: pro, unlocked.

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