Alex Rodriguez Is A Total Jennifer Lopez 'Fan Boy' In This Adorable Instagram Post

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Robin Hood

A-Rod shares some behind-the-scenes gushing over Jennifer Lopez in this sweet post

The amount of admiration and love Alex Rodriguez has for Jennifer Lopez and everything she’s achieved is honestly adorable AF. Lopez is set to receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at tomorrow night’s VMAs, and Rodriguez took to his Instagram account to share exactly how much she deserves every bit of it.

Prepare to swoon a little — you’ve been warned.

Rodriguez, a pretty accomplished guy in his own right, is a completely unashamed fanboy when it comes to his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. “Practicing my fan boy selfies for when J.Lo accepts her Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award on Monday night,” he writes.

I mean, he’s totally geeking out back there like a proud dance mom and it’s pretty dang adorable. He’s never been shy about how much he loves his girl (if his recent birthday posts are any indication, it’s quite a lot), but this adorable video he shared will make your eyeballs turn into actual hearts. Just saying.

“Somehow, I went from performing on baseball’s greatest stage, Yankee Stadium, to … working on the backstage crew?” he shares. “Mad respect for what these guys do behind the scenes, but I’m secretly hoping someone notices my dancing skills back here because so I can somehow be closer to see J. Lo kill it Monday at the MTV VMAs.”

The Vanguard award is given to music performers, recognizing accomplishments in music and film. It’s loosely considered to be a “lifetime achievement award” of sorts. Previous winners include Pink, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears. It absolutely makes sense that Jennifer Lopez is the next in line to receive it, since she’s been performing her ass off as a triple threat since the ’90s.

“The amount of sweat, focus, drive, and determination she puts in everything she does is truly inspiring,” Rodriguez writes. “She’s the embodiment of what the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award represents. A lifetime of achievement and she still reaches for the sky every single day.”