Writer Complains That Ocasio-Cortez Doesn't Look Like She 'Struggles' Enough

by Cassandra Stone
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The obsession Republican men have with shaming Ocasio-Cortez at every turn is nauseating

Though she won’t be officially sworn in until January, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still one busy woman. She was at the Capitol yesterday for a new member orientation and a Democratic caucus meeting — a reasonable time to wear a blazer and pencil skirt, right?

Well not if you’re a mediocre, white, male, D.C.-based writer looking to shame a professional woman.

While she’s in the transition period before taking office, Ocasio-Cortez has made it clear she’s not making a salary. D.C. is one of the most expensive cities to live in the entire U.S., and Ocasio-Cortez was a bartender before running for office. She’s the exact opposite of a D.C. elite or career politician. She’s literally the Congressional version of “Stars: They’re Just Like Us.”

Since she’s been candid about the financial hit she’s taking by not making any money and trying to move to D.C. before January, her lifestyle has become fodder for right-wing assholes like Eddie Scarry, some conservative writer-slash-schmuck, who tweeted (and since deleted) this nonsense:

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“I’ll tell you something: that jacket and coat don’t look like a girl who struggles.”

Dude, WTF? What does that even mean? Ocasio-Cortez owes absolutely no one, let alone privileged men, an explanation about her wardrobe — but she’s been forthcoming about most of her wardrobe coming from thrift stores. NOT THAT IT MATTERS IN ANY WAY. Poor people are allowed to have nice things, too.

But don’t tell that to Republican men, who can’t stop, won’t stop blasting Ocasio-Cortez any chance they get.

Her response to the tweet was epic, though:

More importantly, if these lame men put half as much energy into not being douche bags as they do obsessing over Ocasio-Cortez, the world would be a more pleasant place. Twitter seems to agree, because they roasted the living sh*t out of this guy by making his tweet an instant meme.

Several people also pointed out how BADLY Scarry and others like him are telling on themselves by blatantly admitting they don’t think poor people should have any joy, or should live a certain way to affirm their poorness.

One of the other kickers here (because there are that many) is that no one polices what men wear to this degree. She could show up to a caucus meeting in a messy bun, Target sweats, and shoes with holes in them — and then get lambasted for being a slob.

It’s just another example of misogyny and right-wing hypocrisy at play here. Lucky for us all, decent human beings and the practically entire internet stand behind her.

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