Alexis Ohanian Is Basically Serena Williams' #1 Cheerleader And We Love It

by Cassandra Stone
Image via ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, is a perfect example of peak husband

Alexis Ohanian is literally the perfect example of a man who is unflinchingly proud of his all-star wife and not the least bit insecure about her status as reigning G.O.A.T. Basically, we all need to get us a partner or spouse who is as proud of us as Ohanian is of Williams — and his latest Instagram video proves why.

He recently shared a video of two women who stopped him on the streets of NYC to tell him how much they love his wife, so, while literally beaming with pleasure just thinking of his wife, he turns the camera on them and says “tell her yourself.”

Instantly, the comments began blowing up with people everywhere giving him props for being so unabashedly proud (though I mean, come on, it’s Serena fucking Williams, who wouldn’t be) — to which he responded “are the standards really that low?”

Unfortunately, Alexis, yes. Yes they are. Think of all the celebrity divorces that occur whenever one spouse — usually the wife — is the more famous or talented one. A lot of male egos can’t handle it. But not Alexis Ohanian, which is such a relief because ONLY THE BEST FOR SERENA WILLIAMS.

Look at him go, just being insanely proud of his wife at the U.S. Open earlier this week.

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This obviously isn’t the first time he’s shown the world just how much he loves his kick-ass wife. Remember this?

Oh, and of course — this.

Basically, we love seeing a man publicly acknowledge how awesome his wife is — and while you could say some of these gestures are “over the top” (if you’re an asshole), it honestly doesn’t come across as selfishly performative in any way. He may be the co-founder of Reddit, but he’s accepted his role as Serena’s personal, lifelong cheerleader with aplomb and is flourishing in it.

Like he says in the video above about being recognized as Serena’s husband: “Can’t say I hate it.”