All Boys. And We're All Good.

by Dana Kamp
Dana Kamp

“All boys? Really, all boys?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this, or some variation of it, over the years. And this weekend wasn’t any different. Except instead of my four boys, we had my sisters’ boys with us as well. That brought the total to seven.

Yep, seven boys. Three sisters had seven sons. No daughters. Nope, not one. No matter how many times you ask, the answer is the same. Zero.

Dana Kamp

And guess what? Not once during this family weekend did I wish there was a little girl in the mix. Not because I have anything against girls (hello, I am one), but this amazing mix of personalities and characteristics makes me feel a love so deep for these precious boys I feel like my heart might burst.

And I don’t feel like my heart is missing out on anything.

Your family is your family. And you love who you have with a fierce, relentless passion you can’t understand or explain.

If somehow a little girl was added to this squad, these boys would be thrilled and would all love her to pieces. But, no one feels like something is wrong or off because we have an all-male crew.

I know families with all girls, and have had many conversations about this same topic. They don’t want to hear, “Oh, you need to keep trying for a boy,” anymore than I want to hear the same statement about a girl.

Some may hope for one or the other before the baby is born, but once that baby, that real live person, becomes a part of your family and your life, that is who you love and thank God for and realize you needed all along.

So, no. We don’t have any girls. We’re not sad we don’t have any girls. We’re not trying until we have a girl.

We’re good. I promise.

We’re really good.

Dana Kamp