Dipshit Launches His Own 'All Lives Matter' Protest At A Brooklyn Coffee Shop

by Madison Vanderberg
Dipshit Launches His Own 'All Lives Matter' Protest At A Brooklyn Coffee Shop

Guy harasses barista and starts solo “All Lives Matter” protest outside Brooklyn coffee shop

Burly Coffee in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn had to close early today because a racist lunatic started to harass the barista, claiming he was just trying to “protest” the Black Lives Matter sign in the shop’s window. The anonymous man approached the coffee shop’s window and was refused service because of a clear sign in the window stating “no mask, no service.” He then launched into a rant about the coffee shop’s Black Lives Matter sign, claiming the sign is “racist” and that “all lives matter.”

“I was just trying to get some coffee this morning and this guy was holding up the whole coffee shop, because ‘Black Lives Matter is racist,'” said a Reddit user who shared a 15-minute video of the altercation online.

After demanding that the barista remove the Black Lives Matter sign, he started to shout “All Lives Matter” and claimed that he was starting a protest. A crowd gathered and pointed out that shouting at a barista is NOT a protest, but in fact, harassment. The barista — who seemed on the verge of tears at some points — tried to educate him on why All Lives Matter is wrong, but this man was beyond educating. He then rattled off deranged and fake statistics about crime and asked “if all black lives matter or only some black lives matter?” to which the man recording the video asked, “What does that have to do with anything?”

Throughout the 15-minute Reddit video (which was only a portion of the entire altercation according to the Reddit user who said “I was there for almost 15 minutes before he left, and the whole situation started before I even arrived”), the man kept intermittently shouting “I am making a protest against Black Lives Matter because all lives matter.” The barista continually begged him to leave and some people chanted back at him “You are racist!”

After his seemingly never-ending onslaught of harassment, the barista realized the only way to get him to leave was to close up the shop. Once the door shut, the racist man sheepishly walked away.

The lunatic in the video appeared to be filming the entire ordeal himself too, and some on Reddit pointed out that guys like him make videos like this in an attempt to rile up liberals so they can circulate said videos on 4Chan and other far-right message boards. Passerbys in the video were heard saying that everyone should stop engaging with the man.

It’s unclear if the coffee shop reopened that day, but regardless, that barista shouldn’t have had to sacrifice all that emotional labor while just trying to do their job. In light of the altercation, the virtual tip jar for that coffee shop has surfaced online for those who want to donate.