Couple Uses Alligator To Find Out Their Baby's Sex And Now We've Seen It All

by Valerie Williams
Image via Facebook/Melody Kliebert

These parents used an alligator to reveal the sex of their baby

The last party you attended to find out a baby’s sex was probably a pretty snoozy affair. No offense to expecting parents, but no one is nearly as invested in the impending baby’s genitalia as the couple themselves (and the grandparents, maybe). You bring a gift, get some cupcakes, maybe a mimosa or three if you’re lucky, and sit back to watch the show. There are only two possible outcomes, so it’s not terribly exciting.

That is, unless an alligator is part of the process.

That’s right — parents Rebecca Miller and Mike Kliebert just took revealing the sex of their baby to a whole new level of interesting. Both trained alligator handlers from Ponchatoula, Louisiana, they decided to use their skills to find out whether their little one would be a boy or a girl. Video of the big moment quickly went viral — and it’s easy to see why.

Kliebert tells TODAY, “Being that alligators are part of our family, we wanted to include them in our gender reveal.”

And boy did they ever. While I sat here openly cringing, biting my knuckles, and waiting to watch an arm get bitten off, Kliebert calmly handled the gator like she’s no more threatening than a kitten. Honestly, he handles gators better than I handle kittens. Their claws are sharp, get off me.

In the video, shared by Kliebert’s mom Melody, we see the dad place a hollowed out watermelon in the reptile’s open mouth. When the big girl (yes, girl — her name is Sally and she’s a 60-year-old gator hatched by Kliebert’s grandfather in 1957, so this is a special family gator) bites down, blue Jell-O sprays out, because IT’S A BOY.

Image via Facebook/Melody Kliebert

While Miller was hoping for a girl, Kliebert says he took a quick second to pray for a boy before putting the watermelon in the gator’s mouth.

Pretty sure there’s other things I’d be praying for if I had my body parts within inches of a gator’s jaws, but I applaud his bravery and confidence. And hey, he got what he wished for! Dude is a gator-handling wizard.

To anyone concerned over the safety of the situation with good ol’ Sally near the couple’s son, rest assured, Kliebert had the situation under control. “People seem to think the gator was going toward my son when he was on the ground, but that’s not the case,” he said. “I understand the animal, and I understand what they’re capable of and I respect them.”

I respect them and am also terrified of them, so if I ever end up pregnant again (lol NOPE) I think I’ll stick with boring (but gator-free) cupcakes.