Popular Body Positive Blogger Loses Home In Irma, Writes Tribute To Her Kids

by Cassandra Stone
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Allison Kimmey proves life lessons can be learned even in the worst situations

While the hurricanes that swept through the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean have come and gone, the damage they caused will remain for quite some time. Body positive blogger and mom Allison Kimmey (truly one of our favorite humans) recently shared how the experience affected her family after they returned to their Florida home post-Irma.

Hurricane Irma left their home practically unrecognizable, which is a devastating reality for any family. It would feel impossible to find any positivity in an experience like this, but — as always — Kimmey finds a way.

Scrolling through the photos that show the Kimmey home before and after, the damage is clear. While the family evacuated to Kentucky, they had no idea what they’d be coming home to.

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“And then I received a text that would rock our world- a photo of the roof to our building laying in the parking lot.

And I lost it,” she writes in the caption. She says the next few days were spent reaching out to their Florida community for help.

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“More people than I can even count showed up, hearts ready to serve, to help us clear our home of the salvaged items and dispose of the rest. And ultimately move our life to a 10×10 storage unit,” she writes. The photos show just how many people came to help her family and the rest of the community salvage their belongings and help each other.

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Kimmey says “saying yes” to the people who reached out to help isn’t “weak.” “We aren’t meant to do this life alone and knowing that we can lean on our community, both in town and online, means more to us than anyone might ever know.”

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She recently posted an update about her family and how the experience has changed them, and how she’s been inspired by her children.

“Their resiliency is inspiring,” she writes. “Most of the reason I have kept it together through losing our home to Irma is to be strong for these little humans. But in the midst of trying to be strong for them, they have shown me what strength truly looks like.”

She explains that during the last three weeks, her family has driven over 3,000 miles, slept in seven different places, and has been “living out of a suitcase,” and yet her kids never missed a beat. Because kids are resilient AF, and don’t we wish we could all be like that in the face of such trauma? Seriously, kudos to Kimmey, her husband, and her kiddos.

“They are joy filled and happy even without all the toys, or their own bedroom, or even their own home. They have taught me a lesson in cherishing our existence and not our things. The money comes and goes. Bodies change moment to moment. Status can change in an instant. Belongings can disappear before your eyes,” she writes. “But love. And tenderness. And compassion. And faith. And empathy. And respect. And strength. These things are ingrained in our being.”

Kimmey’s endlessly positive perspective on herself, her body, and her life are just one of the many reasons she’s one of our favorite Instagram follows. This life lesson in particular is one we could all benefit from learning.

“I have thanked my children each day, and prayed over them, but I just want to publicly say that my children are MY rock. And I feel beyond blessed to be on this journey with them.”

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