Elementary School Principal Under Fire For Giving Out 'Birthday Spankings'

by Cassandra Stone
Image via CBS/DFW/YouTube

Concerned parents received a letter from the school principal about the spankings

Celebrating a birthday in elementary school is about as exciting as birthdays get. Kids get to bring in their favorite sweets for the whole class, get special treatment from the teacher — what’s not to love? Well, some parents at a Texas elementary school aren’t feeling the “love” their kids receive on their birthdays — in the form of spankings.

At Alvord Elementary School, “birthday spankings” have been part of a tradition for some time, given by principal Bridget Williams. Since some children might feel slightly uncomfortable about being spanked on their rear ends by their principal (because it’s fucking weird), they can opt for a hug or a high-five instead.

But that still wasn’t flying for some parents who felt the spankings should be off the table, period.

Two parents have recently complained about the practice, citing it as “inappropriate.” A majority of parents seem to feel it’s all in good fun. “If it’s done in a playful manner,” said Alvord parent Amanda Fry. “I do it. My boys get birthday spankings at home.” Another mother, Lana Simmons told CBS DFW that her kids “always look forward to it.”

Now look, no one is saying this principal is violently beating children or doing anything against their will. But isn’t it just a tad odd that this would even be a thing ever, let alone in 2018? I can remember being weirded out by classroom paddles in teachers’ classrooms (sometimes even used on young students in a “playful” manner). You know why? Because the entire idea of it is just kinda creepy.

The school responded to parental complaints sending out a letter, signed by the principal herself.

In the letter, Williams says all “requests” for “birthday swats” must be submitted in writing. She thanks those in the Alvord community who support the “special celebration.”

A short while later, the school’s superintendent, Dr. Randy Brown, put the kibosh on the birthday spanks altogether.

While Brown says he personally doesn’t “have any issue with it,” he and principal Williams decided to discontinue the tradition by only giving out birthday hugs or high-fives from now on.

“The birthday spankings are of course not actual spankings” — okay, but if you have to clarify this in a letter home to parents, maaaaaaybe it wasn’t the best idea in the first place. While many of the parents and children seemed just fine with it, there are plenty of other ways you can make a young student feel special on their birthdays at school.