Aly Raisman Took Out A Full-Page Ad To Thank Larry Nassar's Abuse Survivors

by Thea Glassman
Image via Anthony Lanzilote/Getty Images

Aly Raisman wrote the most touching thank you note

Larry Nassar finally got what he deserved. After an emotional week of survivors confronting him in court, the former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor has been sentenced to 40-175 years in jail for sexual assault. More than 150 women took to the stand to share their stories of abuse at the hands of Nassar in a series of completely gut-wrenching statements. And now, Aly Raisman, one of the survivors, has some heartfelt words of thanks.

The Olympic gold-medalist took out a full-page ad in The Detroit Free Press, and listed the names of every single woman who came forward and spoke out against Nassar — along with numbers to represent survivors who didn’t feel comfortable speaking publicly. She also penned a note thanking the women who spoke out, the judge who sentenced Nassar, and the press.

“Thank you fellow survivors for your courage, strength, and leadership, you have all had an overwhelming impact on me and I am proud to stand with you all,” she began. “…As we all continue to process our pain and suffering it is my hope that in some way, sharing our impact statements is part of the healing process.”

Raisman went on to commend Judge Aquilina for her “professionalism,” “compassion,” and commitment to giving each survivor the opportunity to stand up and tell their story. By the way, if you need a little sampling of Judge Aquilina’s pure, unadulterated fierceness, just watch what happened when Nassar tried to get out of listening to his victim’s statements.

Yup. The viewers at home would like to give Judge Aquilina a big thank you as well.

Raisman also praised the media for “shining a light” on the abuse and gave a shout-out to her fans for their encouragement and inspiration.

“There are going to be good days and there are going to be tough days,” she wrote to her fellow survivors. “But continue to take strength in the impact your courageous voice has had upon each of us, but also for all the other girls, boys, women and men out there who remain in the shadows but maybe now they can see a pathway towards the light.”

So much applause to Raisman and the other women who stepped forward and bravely told their stories.