Mom’s Snapchat Story Nails Every Annoying Person In A Holiday Line

by Valerie Williams
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Mom’s viral rant about standing in line at Kohl’s is as relatable as it gets

Ever stand in line at a store and the person in front of you is having a long Q&A with the cashier? It gets to such an irritating point that you’re ready to throw money at the customer to pay for her shit yourself just to move things along. That’s where one mom found herself while in line at Kohl’s recently. She made a video about it and if you need a laugh today, you’re in luck.

Because this is freaking hilarious.

Amanda Bell’s trip to Kohl’s last week had to be a quickie, as she needed to pick up her kids from school. Unfortunately, the woman in front of her didn’t have that same urgency and Bell’s annoyance began to grow. After the whole thing ended, she took to Snapchat to make a video reenacting the whole scene, playing all of the parts herself. We’re going to stop right here and let you watch because, trust us; you just need to see it.

After uploading this masterpiece to Facebook, it quickly went viral — and it’s easy to see why. We doubt we’re the only ones wiping tears of laughter from our eyes after watching Bell’s spot-on portrayals of her own impatient self, the customer, the cashier and the manager.

First, Bell explains her frustrations — using the deer filter from Snapchat complete with squeaky voice, which makes it 10 times funnier. “I was at Kohl’s today standing in line trying to make a return and there was this lady in front of me talking to the sales lady asking a million questions. I kept looking at my watch like, ‘Do you not realize I have to go pick up my kids in like, 15 minutes? Get. Out. Of the way.'”

Um, been there. Doesn’t it always feel like the bigger of a hurry you’re in, the slower the person in front of you moves? I feel like I live that DMV scene from Zootopia with the sloths every single day of my life. If you need to be somewhere, suddenly, the world is in slow motion. Bell captures that feeling perfectly.

Next, she goes into character as the annoying customer. “Soooo…making this return, do I lose all my Kohl’s cash….? Or just like, some of my Kohl’s cash?” Speaking as slowly as humanly possible, because of course she is.

Cue Bell returning as the squeaky deer, sighing with annoyance. “Nobody flippin’ cares lady, how much Kohl’s cash you have. Take mine! I don’t care! Just stop asking questions!”

Then, my personal favorite role, the disaffected and clueless cashier. “Uhhh…I’ll have to look at it.” Bell returns saying, “UGH you’re killing me!”

We are right there with her.

Bell says, “They had to call over a manager to help because the lady behind the desk couldn’t handle all the questions that the crazy lady was asking.”

Enter the manager, aka, Bell in the goatee/mustache filter. “She’s losing all of her Kohl’s cash. All of it.” Which prompts a more drawn out version of the customer’s earlier question of, “Am I losing all my Kohl’s cash?”

Cue Bell’s head exploding, and ours in solidarity. Because holy shit, we get it.

Bell tells Babble that the video came after an experience returning a Christmas gift she bought online for one of her kids. Despite the rant, she’s a big fan of the retailer. “I shop at Kohl’s all the time, we love Kohl’s. I shop for my whole family there and have already done lots of Christmas shopping there this year.”

The mom has made other videos and explains that the idea came at a difficult time, as she was going through a divorce. “About nine months ago, I was sitting in my driveway in my mom van at about midnight … I sat there looking into the garage at my kids bikes and toys just in tears. My family was falling apart. Life was never going to be the same, and it seemed so hard to face. I got so stressed in that moment I made a video on my phone.”

She didn’t upload her first video, titled “#KeepinItReal” that night, but decided to the next morning. And boy, is she glad she did. She has her own Facebook fan page as a result and now, her Kohl’s cash rant is making people laugh. “I know what it feels like to be struggling in life, relationships, money, kids, you name it. And to have that one person say the right thing you needed to hear that day, or a funny video to show up on your news feed to turn your day around. We ALL need that!”

We definitely do. And we hope Bell keeps up with the videos so our feed is just a little bit funnier.

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