Amazon Hasn't TOTALLY Let Us Down, The Disappointment Is Entertaining

by Maria Guido
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The internet has been waiting for weeks to find some amazing deals on Amazon’s special “Prime Day.” Well, that was a bust. Unless you’re a hoarder or otherwise get excited about socks, shoehorns, and a variety of hideous accessories.

These are 67% off:

© Amazon

Oh, and this huge barrel of lube was 46% off:

So. Many. Questions.

Isn’t this what you had in mind when you stayed up until midnight last night to jump on the deals? Well, you’re not the only disappointed shopper. The internet has turned on Amazon, big time. And it is super entertaining.

Ideally, you would be able to just search for what you want and find a big discount waiting for you or be redirected to some similar items on sale. Instead, customers were met with that scrolling “lightning deals” bar — with basically nothing you’d actually want. Except a Kindle Fire, a kid’s Kindle and some Bose headphones. But those have been sold out for hours.

Oh, well. At least we’re all a little less broke today.

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