Amazon's Prime Book Box For Kids Is Here Just In Time For Summer

by Christina Marfice
Image via Amazon

Amazon is launching a subscription service that’ll get your kids excited about reading

Every mom who eagerly watches the mailbox each month for her Ipsy envelope or Birch Box knows that subscription services are the coolest thing since sliced bread. But why should moms have all the fun? After all, summer is coming and our kids will need stuff to do so they don’t drive us completely insane by Day 3.

Thankfully, our hero Amazon heard the call loud and clear, and is providing a way for kids to get in on the subscription box craze (and keep busy) in a fun, educational way.

Prime Book Box is now officially available in one, two or three-month subscriptions that will deliver boxes of hand-picked kids’ books right to your doorstep. Has getting the kids to read ever been this easy? This is basically the 2018 equivalent of Reading Rainbow.

The book boxes are even separated by age group, so you can be sure the book selections you get are perfect for your little reader’s age level. When you sign up, you just choose the age group you’re buying for (birth to two, three to five, six to eight, or nine to 12), and Amazon will make sure the books included in your kiddo’s box are just right for that age group. In each $23 box, babies and tots will receive four board books, younger kids will score two picture books and older kids will receive two age-appropriate novels.

Image via Amazon

Image via Amazon

While the book selections will mostly be up to Amazon, parents will get to preview the choices that are set to ship out in each box, and if a particular title isn’t their kid’s thing (or if they already own it), there will be some options to swap out in its place. Amazon will also make sure not to include any titles you’ve ordered from the site in the past.

Image via Amazon

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Book Box is on a somewhat limited initial rollout. But if you’re already a Prime member, you’re in luck — only Prime members are currently eligible to request an invitation to sign up. You can request yours here, and your kid can enjoy the thrill of a box of surprise books every month, and do more reading. That’s a win-win if there ever was one.