American Airlines Plane Catches Fire On Runway, Passengers Record Chaotic Evacuation Scene

by Maria Guido
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Images via Twitter

American Airlines Plane catches fire, passengers rush to evacuate

If you’re a nervous flyer, you may want to skip this one. Today an American Airlines plane caught fire on the runway at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. AA 383 flight aborted take-off due to an “engine-related mechanical issue.” It happened at about 2:35 pm local time.

NBC reports “The FAA said the Miami-bound Boeing 767 blew a tire and damaged an engine, prompting the pilots to abort takeoff.”

A passenger recorded the terrifying moment the plane was evacuating and shared it on his Facebook page:

You can hear everyone screaming, “Go!” The 161 passengers and nine crew members deplaned via chute onto the runway. Seven passengers and one flight attendant were transported to the hospital, according to ABC.

In other news, the entire nation increased their Xanax dosage today. Thankfully everyone is okay, but if this kind of news freaks you the hell out, you are not alone.

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