This Mom Writing An Entire Novel At A Tire Store Is Peak #MomLife

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Instagram/Amy Daws

Amy Daws found her ‘happy place’ in a tire store and wrote a book about it

Every mom needs to find her “happy place.” You know, that place where you’re actually able to shut out the rest of the world and focus on yourself. For some moms, that place is the spa. For others (ahem) it’s Target.

For writer Amy Daws, that place is Tires, Tires, Tires.

Daws is a novelist and mother of one who was recently struggling with her latest book. Because churning out hundreds of pages of words isn’t something that just happens, Daws needed to find a place where she could really focus and overcome her writer’s block.

“One day, I took my car in for new tires at Tires Tires Tires and magically blasted out like 5,000 words in their fabulous waiting room,” Daws writes on her website. “It was incredible. And the scenery wasn’t bad either! Complimentary coffee that was actually delicious, comfortable seating, free cookies, friendly staff. I had found my mother ship!”

Image via Amy Daws

As a mom and writer who spends way too much time at the local library — which is way noisier than it should be, IMHO — this is extremely relatable. And not just because I’m a writer. But because when you’re a mom, finding moments of peace and quiet and solitude are precious and rare. We can’t even pee alone; getting our own shit done (and not just the toilet variety) is difficult AF.

Daws, not wanting to give up her newfound creative nirvana, was bound and determined to return to the tire store. She started taking the cars of friends and family members into the shop for oil changes — and it proved just as fruitful with her work, every time.

“Who cares if the oil change took 40 minutes and I was there for 6 hours?” she says. Soon, though, she “ran out of sisters, friends, and oil changes.” But luckily, the staff at Tires, Tires, Tires was catching onto Daws’ plan and let her know she’s welcome at the store anytime.

Here’s a text she received from the manager:

Image via Amy Daws

In fact, the store and its staff loved Daws so much they decided to pull out all the stops for their favorite loiterer/writer.

“Not only did TTT not file a restraining order, they basically rolled out the red carpet for me,” she says. “I felt like JK Rowling waltzing into her favorite coffee shop post-Harry Potter series!”

Image via Amy Daws

OMG. That “reserved” sign just made my Grinch heart grow three sizes.

Tires, Tires, Tires even took their love of Daws a step further by publicly and proudly announcing she was their official “writer in residence.”

STAHP. My heart. Cannot handle this. As if this story couldn’t become any more amazing, the photo shoot for Daws’ steamy romance novel took place — where else?? AT TIRES, TIRES, TIRES.

The book itself, Wait With Me, is inspired by Daws’ entire experience finding creative ways to sneak into the waiting room at Tires, Tires, Tires. Honestly, we couldn’t love this entire story more. Daws says this entire thing isn’t a publicity stunt and there’s no point to any of it, really, other than to share a sweet and quirky story.

Because if finding your happy place of solitude and productivity in the waiting room of a tire store isn’t peak #MomLife, I don’t know what is.

“I just found my happy writing place in a Tires, Tires, Tires waiting room and decided to tell people about it,” Daws says. “And with all the sad stories in the news, the thousands of things that get us down in life, sometimes, you just need to open up Facebook and have a laugh at a weird author appreciating the little things in life.”