Watch The Trailer For Amy Poehler's New Netflix Movie 'Wine Country'

by Valerie Williams
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Amy Poehler and a bunch of former SNL ladies star in Netflix’s new film “Wine Country” — and it looks delightful

Everyone mark your calendars, because on May 10th, you’re about to be happily wine-drunk and glued to Netflix with all your best girlfriends. That’s because May 10th is the day Amy Poehler and friends drop their new movie Wine Country. It’s like Bridesmaids meets Sideways and we literally can’t wait to see it.

We doubt we will need to say much to convince you that a movie starring Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, Rachel Dratch, Emily Spivey, Paula Pell, and Tina Fey is good and worth seeing. Honestly, just watch the trailer and commence to LOLing.

So yeah. It’s basically about lady friendships, drankin’, and a whole lot of laughs. As one would expect from a hilarious ensemble cast made up of those storied names in comedy. The film centers on Rebecca (Dratch’s character) and her 50th birthday, for which the whole crew is heading to Napa for a relaxing getaway weekend. Rudolph plays “weary mom” Naomi (hello, most relatable character of all) and the trailer opens with a gut-splitting scene involving a piano, a very drunk Naomi, and some ill-advised karaoke. Girl, been there.

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To be honest, I kind of feel attacked by how much that scene mimics times I’ve spent with my friends after a wine or six, but I digress. From the trailer, we learn that Poehler’s character Abby is the brains (and uptight keeper of the itinerary) behind the operation. The scene is set when Fey’s character wisely intones, “Just remember, guys: Whatever gets said, it’s probably what the person has always felt, and the alcohol just let it out.” Um yup. Been there too.

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But as the wine flows (and flows and flows,) Abby’s itinerary is literally thrown out the window as the group of women, friends for decades, sort out some issues between each other and for themselves individually.

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If you’ve ever spent an extended period of time with your best girlfriends of years and years along with a whole bunch of alcohol, you can probably imagine what those issues might be.

Abby sums it up perfectly. “These women I’ve known for 20 plus years and yeah sometimes I wanna tell this one to fuck off. That’s what intimacy looks like.”

Yup. May 10th, everyone. Be there (kinda drunk) or be square.

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