Amy Schumer Reflects On Her 'Best Year' With Sweet Family Photo

by Valerie Williams
Amy Schumer/Instagram

She spent half of it sick with hyperemesis gravidarum, but Amy Schumer still says 2019 was her best year ever

Amy Schumer has had A Year. She became our favorite celebrity mom with her honest posts about pregnancy, post-birth, hyperemesis gravidarum, and breastfeeding. Oh, and those amazing hospital mesh panties. She keeps it extremely real, which is why we love her, and that means she brings on the sap when appropriate too. Her most recent Instagram post is simple and sweet — Schumer has had a hell of a good year, and she’s reveling in it.

“This has been by far the best year of my life and I spent half of it vomiting everyday,” she writes alongside a sweet photo of herself holding new baby Gene Attell while husband Chris Fischer gives her a smooch.


The vomit she’s referring to, of course, is the hyperemesis gravidarum that plagued her throughout her pregnancy. causing her to throw up around the clock, even having to cancel shows because of the illness. Schumer kept her audience very updated on her condition, probably helping thousands of other hyperemesis moms feel less alone in the process. Again, there’s a reason she’s our favorite.

But that “best” part of the year is definitely all little Gene. She shares the sweetest photos of that adorable little guy and is obviously one happy momma.


Though she did eventually decide to keep Gene’s life a little more private, announcing that she would no longer be sharing photos of him and opting to cover his face in future posts. We get it, but we do miss seeing that cute baby man.


As long as she continues to share very real mom problems like her breastmilk leakage, we can get over not having Gene in our Instagram feeds.


Here’s to Amy Schumer’s big year, hoping that next year is even better.