Amy Schumer's Red Carpet Look For Her COVID Vaccine Is A Huge Mood

by Christina Marfice
Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer started the COVID vaccine fashion trend that we can honestly all get behind

Vaccine rollouts are providing serious hope that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is coming. President Joe Biden has instructed all U.S. states to make anyone over the age of 16 eligible to receive a vaccine by May 1, and many states have pledged to beat that deadline — opening up eligibility in the next few weeks, or even right now. One of the newly eligible was Amy Schumer, who made her vaccine appointment into a real event, as we all should.

Schumer got vaccinated over the weekend, and she marked the occasion by putting on a red carpet-worthy, glittering gold gown. Someone at the vaccination site shared a photo on social media, which Schumer re-shared on her own stories.


Schumer also shared a video of herself sitting in what looked like an observation area after her vaccine. In the video, she’s giving encouragement to all the other people who are there to get their shots.

“Some people are scared of getting the vaccine but I was like, ‘I don’t care what’s in there. Shoot it in my pussy,'” she said, in her usual raunchy style. She then added, “Thank you to everybody here. You got the vaccine!”

Later on her stories, Schumer shared some other photos from the occasion, like when she squeezed her eyes shut as the needle was going into her arm.


She also shared a video of herself receiving the shot, which showed where she asked the nurse, “That’s it?” after it was done. Having had my first dose, I can confirm — you can’t even feel it.


Schumer’s posts really capture the celebratory feeling of getting vaccinated after more than a year of living in fear, giving up travel, worrying about friends or family, and not even being able to see loved ones. While her decision to wear a full on gown to her appointment might have seemed a little over the top, why not celebrate? This is a really big deal! We’re getting vaccinated, you guys!

And Schumer isn’t the first celebrity to turn a vaccine appointment into a major fashion event. When Dolly Parton got her first shot a few weeks ago, the cold-shoulder top she wore became an instant trend for other people getting vaccinated, and for good reason — not only does it look great, but those arm cutouts provide ideal access for vaccine distributors.

Whatever you decide to wear to your appointment, though, celebrate the moment. We deserve the win after the last year.