Amy Schumer Claps Back At Mom-Shamers With Pumping Photo For The Ages

by Valerie Williams
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Amy Schumer via Instagram

Amy Schumer was mom-shamed for returning to work “too soon” — and she has the best response

Yesterday, we saw the mom shamers come for Amy Schumer after she dared to share that she performed a stand-up routine two weeks after giving birth to her son, Gene. Today, Schumer’s coming for them — and it’s basically perfection.

Schumer hit Instagram with a pumping photo for the ages — perched on the edge of her bed, strapless pumping bra on, cups attached, without even a single F left to give. She’s rubbing her eyes in that classic exhausted momma way we all know too far too well as she lets the caption tell the rest of the sarcastic story. “Sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night!”

Is this what the kids call “dabbing on your haters”? I think it is. And I love it.

A little more back story here. Schumer’s epic post is to address a situation from earlier this week when she posted a photo of herself at New York City’s Comedy Cellar where she was performing her first routine since giving birth. She captioned it, “I’m back!” and seemed pretty pleased about it.

Not so fast, Amy. Here comes the internet with an endless number of discouraging and judgy comments about her choice to work again pretty quickly after having her son. As though it’s anyone else’s business.

Odds are, Schumer knew her quick return to the stage would make judgy mom heads explode, but even if she expected some negativity, it’s gotta be a little hard to see your parenting being judged so harshly this early in the game. New moms are all just feeling their way through and trying to get their bearings in this insane thing called parenting. For some of us, that means weeks (or months?) spent on the couch in our maternity leggings. For others, it means returning to certain aspects of pre-baby life as soon as possible. Whatever camp a mom falls into, judging or criticizing her is ridiculous, unproductive, and cruel. We’re all just doing our best, folks. Back the hell off.

Luckily, we’re pretty sure Schumer’s not losing much sleep over these worthless internet opinions. She’s been extremely open about both pregnancy and the days right after having her baby in a way that suggests she’s fresh outta shits to give about what other people think.

She frolicked naked and super pregnant with some ducks in New Orleans.

She got super real about the misery of those last few days of pregnancy.

And the first few days after it’s over.

We genuinely hope that the judging shamers of the internet never stop Schumer from being this truthful about motherhood and all other things. In a perfectly curated Instagram mom influencer world, her honest takes are beyond appreciated — and much needed.

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