Amy Schumer Calls Out Sexist Double Standard Of 'Bachelor' Pete's Scar

by Julie Scagell
Amy Schumer and Peter Webber
Noam Galai/Getty and ABC

Amy Schumer took to social media to call out the double standard

If you’re a fan of The Bachelor, you already know about the infamous scar Season 24 star, Peter Weber, got during filming in Costa Rica. He underwent surgery to get 22 stitches in his face, which is neither here nor there, but what is here is Amy Schumer calling out the double standard that most definitely would’ve taken place if this had happened to a Bachelorette.

Schumer was watching the show, and before telling it like it is, does want people to know her video contains a spoiler if you haven’t yet watched the season — so readers beware. “So, he got this scar, like, halfway through the season,” Schumer says in her Instagram video. “If this were a woman season and she had a scar on her forehead all of a sudden, the season would be over. Right?” That is correct, Amy.


There is no way in hell producers would let a woman saunter around the big screen, going on dates and frolicking on a beach with a giant scar in the middle of her face. That shit would be covered up so fast, or, as one commenter said, “she would have ‘mysteriously disappeared’ during a group date.” Because that would be more palatable that looking at a woman with a blemish on her face of any kind. As if.

Other commenters agreed with Schumer, saying things like, “She would have been given a bang swoop REAL quick,” and “If it was a woman there would be a plastic surgeon on set,” and neither of them are wrong. Viewers wouldn’t have known there was a scar and if god forbid it couldn’t be covered by makeup or emergency plastic surgery, that Bachelorette would have been swapped out faster than one of Trump’s cabinet members.

“Peter suffered a freak accident. He got a cut on his head, he did get stitches but he’s 100% OK and production is already back underway,” host Chris Harrison said of the incident when it happened. “He’s still the dashing, handsome pilot we’ve all dreamed of.”

What’s possibly more hilarious than Schumer’s point (if double standards were at all funny) is that Jimmy Kimmel counted the number of times the word “like” was said during the season finale. (Hint: 229 times.) “This was also maybe the most dramatic episode yet for the word ‘like.’ By our count, there were 229 ‘likes’ on tonight’s show. Which is, like, ridiculous, especially when you line them up. This is just a fraction of the ‘like-ning’ storm that Bachelor viewers were forced to endure this evening,” he said during a segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

No word on whether any of those clips contained Weber showcasing his oft-oozing scar or not, but there’s one thing for certain — none of the, like, women had anything sniffing of a blemish on their faces the entire season.