'An Actual Duck' And 'Sexy Potato': Man Replaces Signs In Costume Store With Hilarious Results

by Ashley Austrew
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In the scramble to find a good Halloween costume, it can be hard to find something that isn’t played out, racist, sexist, or just plain silly. One comedian felt just as disappointed as we do with the costumes at Halloween stores, so he decided to make some new ones.

Jeff Wysaski is a Los Angeles-based blogger and prankster who got the brilliant idea to hang advertisements for ridiculous fake costumes in his local Halloween store. He made 10 fake signs for made-up costumes with photos and descriptions, just like the real costume ads in stores. The only difference was, his costumes were absolutely hilarious.

Here’s his idea for a sexy potato:

Image via Imgur

Here’s his “Man Stuck At Mall With Wife” costume:

Image via Imgur

Here’s a dude named Stephen:

Image via Imgur

Or you can be sexy Stephen:

Image via Imgur

Or, you know, you can just be an actual duck:

Image via Imgur

All of the costumes are posted on Jeff’s Tumblr, and the ads look totally authentic, right down to the prices and the hilarious tips for accessorizing. It’s not difficult to imagine some unsuspecting person actually asking an employee to grab one from the back of the store.

Since the photos were posted, they’ve been viewed almost a million times. This is actually Wysaski’s second time going viral within the past few weeks — in September he got a ton of attention for a prank in which he posted funny reviews of Ikea products in an actual store.

One of the main reasons the costumes are resonating with so many people is that we’re all pretty collectively tired of the drab, overdone, and over-sexualized offerings we see year after year. There’s rarely anything new in the stores, and if you want something truly unique, you have to make it yourself. That’s perfectly fine, unless you’re busy or have no crafting skills.

Plus, if you’re a woman, absolutely everything is “sexy.” You can be a sexy Disney character, a sexy public servant, a sexy My Little Pony. If you want to be something normal, it’s almost impossible to find. Why not just be Stephen? It’s less absurd than being a sexy koala bear.

Wysaski tapped into a frustraion we’re all feeling, and he did it with brilliant humor and the absolute perfect level of absurdity. Now, if he could just set aside an “actual duck” costume for me because $49.99 seems like a pretty damn good deal.

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