Creative Dad Andreas Miezans Uses Photoshop To Spice Up Baby Time

New Dad Uses Photoshop Skills To Make Life With An Infant Exciting

Creative dad finds hilarious way to spice up life with his newborn

As anyone who has ever spent time with a baby can tell you, infants can be pretty boring. Sure, they’re cute, and they definitely keep you occupied with their constant pooping and crying and pooping and screaming and pooping. But that’s about all they do, when they’re not sleeping. (I hope for your sake they’re sleeping.)

According to the Daily Mail, Andreas Miezans of Tønsberg, Norway filled his days of paternity leave (yes, he gets paternity leave: 10 weeks! Thanks, Obama) by photoshopping his newborn into hilarious scenarios.

“I actually had the idea in my head before Oscar was even born. I love taking pictures and I wanted to make something we could look back on and laugh.”


Image via Andreas Miezans

He certainly does love taking photos of his son, as he tells Scary Mommy he has around 25,000 images of little Oscar on his phone. Miezans, a bank worker (I’m shocked he’s not a graphic designer, to be honest. I always assumed you needed a degree to understand how to use Photoshop!), started crafting the images as a fun way to keep family and friends back in Sweden apprised of his life as a new dad.

The pictures show little Oscar working the grill,  accompanying Dad on a spa day, helping mow the lawn while Miezans relaxes, and more.


Image via Andreas Miezans

It’s clear the two guys are having a heck of a time together, even if the littlest one isn’t going to remember most of them. And not just because they didn’t actually happen.


Image via Andreas Miezans

If you’re wondering where Mommy is, she may not be pictured, but she supports Miezan’s efforts. “‘Kristine doesn’t get involved in any of the photos, but she is 100 percent behind them. She can see it’s good for my relationship with Oscar.”

And she surely understands that staying at home with a baby is not exactly the most exciting thing in the world. I’ve been a stay-at-home dad, and while I enjoyed the time with my son, I was excited to finally get back to work. If I’d been half as creative as this guy – and had even half the paternity leave he gets – I probably wouldn’t have rushed.

Some of the images showcase funny stunts (car surfing), some put the duo in typical guy-bonding scenarios (watching soccer together in matching outfits), and some are straight-up wishful parent thinking, like this one.


Image via Andreas Miezans

If only I had a magic wand with which to distract my kid, and maybe take care of all the dirty diapers without getting my hands dirty…

“The idea is for these not to be normal baby pictures. I wanted to try something different.”

I think he succeeded.